Healthy & Productive Workplace

Many firms are facing significant pressures to be competitive and profitable in a vastly changing economic climate.

Key challenges are spiraling employee health care claim costs and productivity loss due to employee health conditions, risk factors such as being overweight/obese, and work environment factors such as the level of engagement with their work. In addition to costs incurred from escalating health care claims and productivity loss, costs to the employer can include recruiting replacement workers, training, and overtime.  Employee costs include time coping with their illness, potential lost compensation, psychological and emotional costs of illness and concerns of failing to contribute in a meaningful way to their work commitments and co-workers, and potential missed opportunities for positive employment experiences.

An increase in the health quality of human capital will increase firm productivity and employee recruitment and retention.

The costs of absenteeism and employee sickness benefits are substantial.  Recent studies show, however, that firms experience even greater financial impacts from productivity losses that occur routinely when employees are at work, but are performing their jobs at a level below what is normal for them - a concept referred to as “presenteeism”.  The costs of presenteeism are 3-4 times that of absenteeism.  Moreover, workforces of 700 or more employers have been shown to have productivity losses due to health conditions and organizational factors of between 11 and 13%.

These challenges can be addressed using responsible, efficient and cost-effective strategies that align both employer and employee objectives.  A scientifically derived and empirically evaluated program now exists through I2C to help you and your employees.

I2C Can Help...

I2C offers a full (3 phased) solution to improving the health and productivity of your team.  While the full solution is recommended, we can also provide each phase as a discreet service.

Phase 1: Assessment and Identification of Focus Areas to Control Health Care Claims and Improve Productivity

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  • Measure these conditions and factors in your company in an objective, confidential and cost-effective manner, and report on them at an organizational level as well as work/departmental unit level
  • Prioritize issues your employees are experiencing that are adversely affecting optimal productivity and increasing health benefit claims
  • Model the future impact of taking no action on productivity and health benefit claims

Phase 2: Performance Improvement Planning and Actions

  • Provide meaningful strategies/interventions to enhance your existing employee-centred services as well as innovative strategies designed specifically for your organization.  
  • Our services also include integrating a full, end-to-end program that targets focus areas with information and interventions that will achieve positive returns on your investment to improve workplace productivity and reduce health care claims

Phase 3: Ongoing Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Establish an effective mechanism to monitor your company's progress, identify areas for course correction to achieve continuous improvement, and estimate the financial impact of the overall performance improvement activities