Measurement and Reporting


At Intelligent Improvement Consultants, Inc. (“I2C”) we appreciate cancer program’s need to improve the patient experience. Re-design of patient care processes and measurement of key performance indicators is often at the core of improving patient experiences over time.  I2C has developed proprietary Patient Experience Measurement and Reporting services through extensive research and testing, over more than a decade, to ensure efficient and effective implementation, interpretation and reporting of key indicators needed to improve processes and patient related outcomes. We have successfully implemented our patient experience system in ambulatory cancer settings, targeting radiation and systemic therapy patient audiences. The information and resulting recommendations are used by practices to modify processes and dramatically improve the quality of care delivery and the patient experience.

To assist you to improve the patient experience, I2C can:

  • Survey, assess and identify the key drivers of the patient experience in the practice.
  • Customize our proprietary survey tools to address specific areas of interest.
  • Facilitate the implementation of I2C’s measurement system in your cancer program.
  • Benchmark patient experiences and conduct time-series analysis to determine the impact of process re-design.
  • Compare and contrast patient experience measures against other cancer programs.
  • Provide guidance on best practices to improve the patient experience.
  • Analyze the practice’s performance with respect to different patient experience indicators contained in our measurement tools, compare the practice’s performance to those of the other practices (de-identified for confidentiality) and recommend practical changes to enhance quality and improved patient experience.
  • Educate practice personnel to maximize value produced from using our measurement system.

What you need to do to implement I2C’s tools:

  • Provide Clinical Leadership in the adaptation and tailoring of our tools to local needs.
  • Co-ordinate administration of a patient survey(s) across your location(s).
  • Facilitate completion of the survey and encourage patients to participate.
  • Review results and recommendations with I2C to crystalize actions to be taken. 
  • Approve dissemination of results and dashboard content.


Examples of Patient Experience Indicators Comparing Two Cancer Programs


How long do patients wait while staff is booking their next appointment?



Were patients quoted accurate wait times for Consultations and Treatment?


All parts of my care including scheduled visits, clinic time, treatments and lab tests were well co-ordinated…

When patients are at home, and need help with a problem or issue with their care, how long do they normally wait for a response from someone in the cancer center to help?

Patients that feel they receive enough information about their care.