Healthcare Management Consulting

I2C provides comprehensive and customized management consulting services that will allow you to make evidence-informed decisions.  Across the services we offer, our senior team uses core skills in planning, project management, stakeholder engagement / facilitation, and communication through presentations and written reports to provide you with actionable recommendations.  Services we offer include:

Quality Improvement

High-performing cancer programs have designed, implemented, and monitored their care and service delivery within a well-defined quality improvement framework. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has established  6 Dimensions of Quality, and there are numerous agencies and organizations that require performance reporting in the transition to a 'fee-for-quality' (versus fee-for-service) reimbursement model. These agencies and organizations (e.g. Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Meaningful Use, Quality Oncology Practice Initiative, Association of Community Cancer Centers, Physician Quality Reporting System, American College of Radiology, American Society for Radiation Oncology) require the recording and reporting of similar and different quality, performance, and operational measures. I2C helps to harmonize the requirements of these different agencies, and will work with you and your EMR supplier to facilitate appropriate data capture and reporting. In addition, our approach involves helping you to define a quality improvement strategy that enables you to deliver excellent cancer care.

Strategic Planning

Planning for the future is important for healthcare organization, especially a system with finite resources. I2C can help you with specific aspects of the strategic planning process, or an end-to-end solution, beginning with helping your team define or refresh your vision, mission, and values.  Our tried and proven approach to strategic planning includes 4 phases:

  1. Current State Analysis

  2. Identification of Strategic Priorities

  3. Implementation Planning for Strategic Priorities

  4. Performance Measurement and Evaluation

Project Management

Project Management is critical for planning, organizing, obtaining, managing and monitoring resources to achieve specific goals. Whether your project is small or large, our project management experts can help you to design and implement efficient and effect project management systems that help you to track progress, or we can be on the ground to manage your project for you. Our project management approach includes detailed tools and templates for:

  1. Set-up and implementation of a Project Management Office

  2. Project Planning and Scheduling

  3. Risk Management

  4. Issues Management

  5. Tracking and Reporting

  6. Document Management

Clinical Program Design and Implementation

The I2C team has significant experience in developing and implementing clinical programs from inception to point-of-care.  Our approach begins by grounding all healthcare interventions in evidence (where available), through a detailed environmental scan and literature review.  This data is then used to engage and facilitate appropriate stakeholder (local if possible), to customize the program to the target population.  Our team has expertise in many different clinical disciplines, but also have access to a wide array of clinical subject matter experts that can be mobilized to projects rapidly to provide the most efficient program design and advice on implementation.  We can also assist or lead clinical and behavioural research to help you generate evidence for new healthcare interventions, and help with disseminating this work to broader audiences through publication.

Change Management

Healthcare delivery is undergoing a state of rapid change, in order to find greater efficiencies through the adoption of new models of care, integration, and technology.  I2C can help your organization adopt new processes and technologies using our Change Management approach that includes: 

  1. Developing a vision for the change

  2. Stakeholder Analysis

  3. Developing a Change Management plan

  4. Assessing readiness for change

  5. esigning effective communications

  6. Developing training and education

  7. Monitoring and evaluating change adoption

Electronic Medical Record Adoption and Implementation

Electronic Medical Record (“EMR”) systems should be designed, at minimum, to support physician decision-making to improve patient care.  A number of different EMR products exist in oncology the marketing for which promotes their customizability to replicate practice patterns and conditions, inter-operability with existing electronic systems (e.g., registration, health records, lab), ease of learning and implementation, ability to monitor and manage performance for quality improvement, and adaptability to respond to changes in practice (e.g., new treatment guidelines) and new technologies. 

Choosing from among these different products can be time-consuming, confusing, and certainly frustrating for some.  The choice also requires a thorough review of processes, likely some process re-engineering, and certainly a well-thought out and delivered change management strategy.

After more than 14 years of experience implementing and evaluating the adoption of EMRs in cancer care, we’ve learned a number of important lessons that can help you choose among these different products and services.  Our skills and experience can facilitate your relationship with suppliers to optimize product design and implementation.  Because quality improvement is important to you, we can help you to monitor adoption and build usable reports that ensure the EMR is meeting the needs of your practice, or to intervene to help you work with your supplier to improve implementation and delivery. 

If you lack the time, experience, expertise, or capacity to determine which EMR features are important to you and your colleagues, what system interfaces are relevant and require special attention to facilitate integration of the EMR, what resources and organizational structures are required of you to promote change and adoption to fit your practice needs, monitor its implementation, and revise as appropriate to enable a best fit, or how to project manage the supplier relationship and product implementation, we can help you.

If you would like more information on I2C consulting services, please contact us here.