About I2C

Intelligent Improvement Consultants, Inc. ("I2C") is a firm that provides evidence-informed Healthcare Management Consulting, Evaluation/Performance Measurement, and Healthy/Productive Workplace services to government, private sector and not-for-profit organizations and agencies.

I2C’s Healthcare Management Consulting services includes strategic planning, project management, clinical program development and implementation, and change management.

I2C’s Performance/Quality Improvement Measurement services includes customized approaches to assessing the implementation and outcomes of programs.  I2C also has proprietary tools at point-of-care to assess the impact of policies, programs and decision-support systems and tools (eg. electronic medical records) on care delivery processes, outcomes and patient experiences.

I2C’s Healthy & Productive Workplace services are based on rigorous scientific testing and peer-review, we have the North American exclusive license to a proprietary tool to assess the impact of health conditions, health risk factors and work-environment factors on absenteeism, presenteeism and productivity loss. I2C also supports employers, human resources professionals and employee groups to design, implement and evaluate the impact of evidence-informed interventions to improve employee participation in the workplace, employee health, productivity and to reduce health claim costs.

We believe we are different than other firms because we have built a foundation on client satisfaction and integrating collaborative and innovating thinking. From the very first project meeting to the final report submissions we take critical care in adhering to client needs and exceeding expectations.

All of our work is grounded in evidence.  Although we have deep experience and connections to academic research, we understand that public health care organizations and private companies need actionable recommendations in order to inform decision-making.