Improvement services, customized to your needs:

Healthcare Management Consulting

One pillar of I2C's business involves evidence-informed health management consulting, including strategic planning, project management, technology adoption, clinical program development and implementation, and change management. We have worked extensively with organizations that are adopting Electronic Medical Records to assist with change management, strategic planning, and implementation.  Our services also include original research to identify and explore socio-behavioural and clinical factors that influence health and health outcomes, and contribute to decision-making, and the design and implementation of community and institution-specific programs and interventions.    


Research, Program Evaluation,  Performance/Quality Improvement and Measurement

A second pillar is research, program evaluation, performance improvement and measurement of health programs and services designed to reduce the incidence and burden of chronic disease and improve the performance of the health system. This includes logic models, designing performance improvement and measurement plans, executing multi-method data gathering strategies, and creating consumable reports and technical appendices that can be shared efficiently and effectively with stakeholders to inform decision-making and quality improvement strategies. 


Healthy and Productive Workplace

I2C’s third pillar involves the application of a proprietary instrument that measures the effects of health conditions, risk factors, and work-environment factors on absenteeism, presenteeism and productivity loss in the workplace. The instrument, developed for InBalance (Germany), has been licensed to I2C for North America. Developed over a twelve-year period, the tool is based on the latest research and has been applied in different work environments. Not only does it help to identify “hot spots” for management and human resources professionals to address and strengthen existing programs for their employees, it can be used to evaluate the impact of these interventions to improve the quality of the workplace.